(This page informs developers of user agents (UAs) that can handle sitemaps, including browsers and search engines. If you’re a developer of CMS software, you’re acting on behalf of a webmaster, so you should find the webmaster guide more appropriate.)

The possibilities…

The Firefox extension was written to to allow Firefox users to take advantage of SSP sitemaps, but sitemaps are not written for a specific browser. Keen developers are invited to write to their own sitemap-reading software, to support other browsers and user agents especially, but also for other related applications, and provide alternative renditions of sitemaps, according to the needs of the user.

Here are some alternative renditions:

Alternative classes of user agent include:

This page specifies what is expected of your software (the implementation) to maintain interoperability with sitemaps that webmasters offer with their content.

Resources for developers of third-party implementations

Additional resources for Firefox Extension developers

Additional resources for Safari Extension developers

Additional resources for Google Chrome Extension developers

Developer FAQ

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