Examples of SSP sitemaps

These examples exist to give authors an informal guide to what they are writing. Formally, sitemap files must follow an XML format.

Small web site with one hierarchical level, one language

Created after the Barbra Streisand site
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<sitemap xml:base="http://www.barbrastreisand.com/" lang="en" type="text/html" charset="iso-8859-1"
     attr="class" prefix="sitemap" />

  <item name="Home" url="index.php">

  <!-- 'lang', 'type' & 'charset' are inherited from <sitemap> -->
  <!-- A 'description' attribute for each <item> would be nice -->
    <item name="Biography"    url="index.php?page=bio" /> <!-- xml:base is prefixed here -->
    <item name="Tour"         url="index.php?page=tourdates" />
    <item name="Music"        url="index.php?page=music" />
    <item name="Film"         url="index.php?page=film" />
    <item name="Television"   url="index.php?page=tv" />
    <item name="News"         url="index.php?page=news" />
    <item name="Gallery"      url="index.php?page=photos&amp;ga=13" />
    <item name="Statements"   url="index.php?page=statements" />
    <item name="Truth Alerts" url="index.php?page=truths" />
    <item name="Links"        url="index.php?page=links" />
    <item name="Shop"
          url="http://barbrabtreisand.fanfire.com/artistName=Barbra+Streisand&amp;sourceCode=BSTWEB" />
               <!-- Full URL necessary, because not compatible with xml:base -->
    <item name="Auction"
          url="http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZstreisandQ2dstarwares" />
    <!-- The two links at the bottom can be included as 'role's right away: -->
    <item role="contentinfo" name="Copyright &amp; Terms of Use" url="index.php?page=terms" />
    <item role="contact"     name="Contact"                      url="index.php?page=contact" />
  </item> <!-- end tag for home page -->

Web site with three language versions and grouped buttons

Created after the rogerfederer.com site
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<sitemap xml:base="http://www.rogerfederer.com/" type="text/html" charset="UTF-8"
  <class-change ... />
    <variant name="Home"    description="Roger Federer - Homepage" lang="en" url="en/" />
    <variant name="Home"    description="Roger Federer - Homepage" lang="de" url="de/" />
    <variant name="Accueil" description="Roger Federer - Homepage" lang="fr" url="fr/" />
    <!-- end of home page's <variant>'s, start of subordinate pages -->
      <!-- variants of the <group>'s name (necessary, because different in the three languages): -->
      <variant name="Roger's" lang="en" />
      <variant name="Roger's" lang="de" />
      <variant name="Roger"   lang="fr" />
        <variant name="News"       lang="en" url="en/rogers/news/index.cfm" />
        <variant name="News"       lang="de" url="de/rogers/news/index.cfm" />
        <variant name="Actualités" lang="fr" url="fr/rogers/news/index.cfm" />
        <variant name="Results"   lang="en" url="en/rogers/results/index.cfm" />
        <variant name="Resultate" lang="de" url="de/rogers/results/index.cfm" />
        <variant name="Résultats" lang="fr" url="fr/rogers/results/index.cfm" />
      <!-- Another 7 <item>'s omitted here -->
      <variant name="Fan Zone"      lang="en" />
      <variant name="Fan Zone"      lang="de" />
      <variant name="Zone des fans" lang="fr" />
      <!-- 8 <item>'s omitted here -->
      <variant name="Media Corner" lang="en" />
      <variant name="Media Corner" lang="de" />
      <variant name="Zone medias"  lang="fr" />
      <!-- 3 <item>'s omitted here -->
    <!-- 'Home' is omitted, because it has already been declared in the very first <item> -->
    <item role="contact">
      <variant name="Contact" lang="en" url="en/contact/index.cfm" />
      <variant name="Kontakt" lang="de" url="de/contact/index.cfm" />
      <variant name="Contact" lang="fr" url="fr/contact/index.cfm" />
    <item role="info">
      <variant name="Terms of Use and Disclaimer"                 lang="en" ... />
      <variant name="Terms of Use and Disclaimer"                 lang="de" ... />
      <variant name="Conditions d'utilisation et confidentialité" lang="fr" ... />
  </item> <!-- end tag for home page -->

Web site with multiple pages on first hierarchical level (i.e. no home page)

Created after Google (only first hierarchical level shown)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<sitemap xml:base="http://www.google.com/" lang="en" type="text/html" charset="UTF-8"
  <class-change ... />
  <!-- The following 7 <item>'s are considered to be the main navigation. -->
  <!-- The home page is obviously identical to the first <item> here ("Web").
       Logically, this <item> is not superior to the other 6 <item>'s.
       Therefore the other 6 are not nested subordinately under "Web".
       In our sense, Google does not have a home page :-) -->
  <item name="Web"    url="webhp?tab=iw" />
  <item name="Images" url="http://images.google.com/imghp?tab=wi&amp;hl=en" />
  <item name="Video"  url="http://video.google.com/?tab=iv" />
  <item name="News"   url="http://news.google.com/nwshp?tab=vn" />
  <item name="Maps"   url="http://maps.google.com/maps?tab=vl" />
  <item name="Gmail"  url="http://mail.google.com/mail?tab=vm" />
  <item name="more"   url="intl/en/options/" />
  <group name="Personal Tools"> <!-- all <group> names are made up -->
    <item name="iGoogle" url="ig" />
    <item name="Sign in"
          url="https://www.google.com/accounts/Login?continue=http://www.google.com/&amp;hl=en" />
  <group name="Search Options"> <!-- questionable if these should be in the sitemap at all,
                                     or rather remain accessible from within the page only -->
    <item name="Advanced Search" url="advanced_search?hl=en" />
    <item name="Preferences"     url="preferences?hl=en" />
    <item name="Language Tools"  url="language_tools?hl=en" />
  <group name="The Company">
    <item name="Advertising Programs" url="intl/en/ads/" />
    <item name="Business Solutions"   url="services/" />
    <item name="About Google"         url="intl/en/about.html" />