Wizard for webmasters to create a sitemap file

Beta Version!
Is your website available in multiple languages?

Are any of your website’s pages available in multiple file formats (e.g. as HTML and PDF)? Or does your website feature an RSS feed?
Does your website offer a page for contact?
Does your website offer a page for any of the following: imprint, terms & conditions, privacy policy, copyright policy, disclaimer, other legal or formal information you are required to provide?
Does your website offer an internal search function?
Search Details
Which submission method does your search script use?
Does your search script require any other variables to be submitted? (e.g. boolean=and)
Are all your pages on the same hierarchy level (i.e. no sub-menus in the navigation bar)?
Does your website contain a linear sequence of pages (typically pages connected with “Next”/“Previous” links)?
Does your website contain multiple navigation bars? Or: Do the links in your navigation bar somehow form groups?
Are all links in your navigation bar(s) the same font size?
Does your website contain more than around 100 pages (counting each language version as a separate page)?
Does your website contain frames?

Which character set do you use?

Finally, a somewhat strange question: When a user enters your URL manually and receives your home page: Is any link (other than “Home”, “Start”, etc.) in your navigation bar deactivated (because it’s the page on which the user already is)?